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Serov Art

Frequently Asked Questions

The following "Questions and Answers" address most of our customer inquiries. However, if you have a question not found here, please click here to email us your questions. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

  • Q1: How do you keep mica windows clean?
    A: Sometimes this is difficult but try not to clean too often if possible. We use Marseilles soap for all our stove cleaning jobs including the mica windows as this is a gentle fairly pure traditional soap that was used for generations in France, and it still appears to work. If you can't find this we always have a few blocks around for sale. The best method of keeping windows clean is burning quality fuel at a medium burn for about 30 minutes in every 12 hours or so as this creates a form of self cleaning action. If you are using non seasoned wood or a non premium coal/coke it will be harder to keep windows clear.
  • Q2: How long does Mica last?
    A: In the main Mica doesn't deteriorate with age and often we remove pieces that were fitted maybe 30 or 40 years ago from a well cared for stove. In some cases where a stoves has seen little use we have probably removed the original Mica panels fitted maybe 70 or more years before on first assembly! Mica will wear with intense use, having sharp objets pushed into it etc, but normally if a stove is little used it should last for decade
  • Q3: Why is Mica used for stove windows?
    A: Mica is tranparent and withstands high temperatures to around 600 oC. Also Mica is flexible and can be used for curved windows.
  • Q4: What is Mica?
    A: "Mica" is a plexiglass like mineral mined in a handful of locations around the world.
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