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MICA STRAINER CORESMICA STRAINER CORES: are suitably used by metal casting foundries for brass, bronze and aluminum sand castings as well as ,for some smaller ferrous castings to pour their melts through mica strainer cores to catch impurities and control the pour rate.

MICA STRAINER CORES acts both as a choke and strainer during pour helps to eliminate gating costs, dross, contamination, reduces polishing belt costs, and also, and also produces a better and brighter castings.

It can easily be placed over the sprue hole, no recess needed they also provide easy access to skim off with 100% metal recovery in re-melt. They "Mica Strainer cores" are a thin, inorganic ,non-contaminating non-moisture absorbent material which provide easy handling and storing. Some of the popular shapes and sizes of Mica Strainer cores used in the foundry casting are:


Standard Mica Strainer Core Sizes

Size (Inches) Number of Holes Thickness
2" x 2" 22, 93 & 148 .004"-.008"
11/2" x 2" 88 .006"-.010"
21/2" x 2" 93 .008"-.012"
21/4" x 3" 140 .014"-.018"
3" x 3" 22  
2" dia 22 & 93  
21/2"dia 22 & 93  

Metal casting foundries pour their melts through Mica Strainer Core to eliminate impurities and control the pour rate. Mica Strainer Core having 22 to 148 holes acts both as a choke and strainer during pour.

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