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Mica Sheet clear, stove mica
Clear Mica Sheet (Mica stove plate) is widely used as window mica in Kerosene stove, Wood stoves, Furnace peep-holes and microwave oven. Mica Sheets are available in all shapes & sizes.
Mica nite, Lampshade mica,  decorative mica
Real mineral mica flakes, combined with organic shellac, make each Mica sheet unique with its variations of mineral deposit patterns and color tones. Lampshade mica can be ordered in several thicknesses
Mica Shields, Gauge glass mica, mica strip
Mica Shield is used as a protection with Liquide Level Gauge and Flat Transperent Glass and columns of high pressure steam boiler. MICA SHIELDS retains strength and increases life of the sight glasses .
Mica Disc, protection mica, research mica
Produced from the highest quality mica (V-1 or V-2) for AFM applications to the Medium Quality (V-4 to V-6) for replication and thin film deposition. Mica Discs are used as a protection in Liquid Level indicators, communication devices fuses etc.
Mica Sheet
This is made from Muscovite & Phlogopite mica which withstands high temperatures of above 700C. Corrugated mica is supplied as per customer requirment & specification. The main use of this type of mica is in soldering irons.
Mica washer, bonded mica
Mica Washer are suitable for electrical and electronic applications. Natural Mica Washers can also be bonded into considerable lengths with epoxy, silicone, shellac to form a solid roll also known as Bonded Mica Washer.
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